Healing Journey

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Whilst it may be invisible, the abuse suffered at the hands of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder should not be underestimated. Whether a partner, a parent, friend or Work Colleague, narcopaths inflict deep wounds that can leave victims scarred for life. Healing is possible – this section recommends the journey.


In this section

Help is at Hand

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome


No Contact and Grey Rock

Trauma Bonding

Breaking Free

Using Therapists

Positive Thinking

Zero Emotion

Dodging a Bullet

Trust Again after NPD Abuse

Managing Life with an Abuser in Lockdown




This page, and indeed entire section of the site, is dedicated to AW, a university friend who after no contact for 25 years, clocked a FaceBook post I made. She doesn’t have a psychology degree and she’s has never trained as a therapist. But she’s an empath and survivor of several narcissists in her life – parental and romantic. She spotted something I said, it resonated, she made contact and since when she has been both a rock and inspiration. She has brought me back from the brink on several occasions and has been ten times better than the four professional therapists I have engaged with over a 10 year period. Knowledge, wisdom, kindness, courage, optimism. She has been the Warrior is aspire to be. AW I thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

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