Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Parental Alienation – an essential guide

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Welcome to portal – designed by, and for, victims of NPD abuse and Parental Alienation as an essential guide, toolkit, and springboard for all things related to Narcissism.

This website has two principal aims – to raise awareness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in general, and to provide a practical guide to assisting victims of NPD abuse to successfully navigate their way out of an NPD relationship and mitigate Pathogenic Parenting.

To achieve this, it seeks to help them come to terms with their experience at the hands of a pathological narcissist by changing their own mindset towards narcissism and their abuser, and to assist in their healing.


It is split into several parts:

About NPD

General background information on Narcissism, its causes, prevalence and the characteristics of the disorder, types of abuse, and the mindset of those who have NPD and the Players they recruit.


In Context

Insight and suggestions pertinent to how NPD manifests itself in contexts of Romantic Partner, Child of, Work Colleague etc.


Recovery from NPD Abuse

Managing the Narcissist, The Healing Journey, Discard & Divorce, Tools & Tips


Parental Alienation

Information on Parental Alienation, which sadly often follows on from divorcing a Narcopath when there are dependent children.


Resources and links to gurus, books, online videos, podcasts and the like.

A gallery of memes to give you short soundbites, for you to share at will.

And then some blurb about the me, the website etc.

Most webmasters are delighted for the website traffic. If you are here as an NPD target, I am sorry. But I hope that some of the insight given on these pages will help you recover and move on soonest from the effects on a tangle with a Narcopath.