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Complex, confusing, dual personalities whose minds are wired differently. This section sheds light on what Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is, how it manifests itself, the types of abuse a Narcopath will wreak and who is in their toxic clique.


In this section


Awareness and Prevalence Rates

What’s in a Label? More than just a name

Identifying a Narcissist Рhow to spot a Narcissist

DSM-5 – the nine official traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Glossary of Terms

Understanding NPD

Causes of NPD

Cure – which sadly doesn’t exist

Real vs False Self, the Jekyll & Hyde split personality

Narcissistic Supply – the fuel they crave

The Grandiosity Gap – maintaining the charade

Emotional Regulators¬†incl why they can’t love

Addiction to Drama

The Narcissist’s Insults

Victim Narrative

Narcissistic Collapse – their equivalent of a mental breakdown

Narcissistic Abuse

Types of Narcissistic Abuse

Gaslighting – how they make you feel you are going insane

Hoovering – sucking you back in post-discard

Mission to Destroy – what the Narc does to the discarded ex on Break-up

The Narcissist’s Players

Flying Monkeys – their chief henchmen

Enablers – the tongue biters and head-in-sand buriers

Empaths – that’s probably you