High Profile Cases in the News

In progress – but in the meantime, the following links are to news stories that bear the hallmarks of NPD, narcissistic abuse and murder, and yet we never see any mention of Narcissistic Personality Disorder despite in each and every incident the behaviour of the perpetrator bears all of the hallmarks of NPD traits:


Magda Lesicka – abused wife of airplane pilot Peter Chilvers kills her infant son before trying to commit suicide

Daily Mail (UK) – Controlling Ryanair pilot, 33, is jailed for 18 months for putting his fiancee through a ‘living hell’

Daily Mail (UK) –



Sally Challen – victim of narcissistic abuse who flipped and killed her husband

Mail Online (UK) – ‘Yes, I battered my husband to death. But I still love him’: Sally Challen – who killed her husband then had her murder conviction quashed by proving his psychological torture drove her to it – tells her story to save others from her fate

Daily Telegraph (UK) – 


Jordan Worth – the first woman to be convicted in the UK of domestic abuse

Daily Telegraph (UK) – Controlling girlfriend ‘first woman convicted’ of new domestic abuse offence


Amber Peat – teenager bullied by her step father commits suicide

Daily Mail 




Farieissia Martin – kills boyfriend Kyle Farrell during row following abuse



Acton Bowen – Pastor Sentenced to Over 1,000 Years for Sex Abuse

The New York Times