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The best YouTube videos that I have come across are:

Dr Ramani

Like all experts in their field, Dr Ramani has had her fair share of first hand Narcissistic Abuse. She has an excellent series of videos that explain NPD in terms that are easy to follow – and are very enlightening.

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Richard Grannon

An NPD-absue survivor, Richard is founder of Spartan Life Coach – aimed at helping survivors rebuilding their lives after abuse.

He has a great series of informed, but maverick and frank, videos at his channel.

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Ross Rosenberg

Great general information on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, what causes it, how it manifests itself, what (if anything) can be done about it.

An NPD abuse survivor himself, Ross is a psychotherapist specialising in NPD, has written several books on the subject and has an excellent YouTube channel on the subject.

He is knowledgable about his topic and presents it well to the layman of intellect.

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Angie Atkinson

Angie takes a more upbeat, chatty, cartoony approach in her videos which are very accessible and cover a wide range of topics in the NPD world.

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Sam Vaknin

If, like most NPD victims, you want to get into the mind of a Narcissist and learn the counter-intuitive way that they think, than Sam is a world leader. Self-confessed narcissist, he tours the world giving seminars on the subject.

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