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Looking for a Support Group? There are a number of closed FaceBook groups dedicated to victims of NPD abuse, who use the platform to exchange experiences, seek support, and be part of a group of like-minded people. Some are large (over 60k members globally) and run 24/7.


A Great Support Group Resource for Victims

Talking with other victims of NPD abuse serves several great purposes:

  • It will help you validate your experiences.
  • It’s reassuring to be surrounded by other people who understand our experience and predicament, and who can give relevant advice (rather than the sort of advice you would give someone who had got entangled with a common-garden jerk – advice which is very dangerous. Please see the pages on Therapists for an explanation why).
  • You will be able to learn an enormous amount NPD by such interactions – helpful to get over the abuse, to heal, and to spot narcs in future.


A Word of Caution

A few points to be aware before you dive in though:

  • These support groups are also targeted by Narcs themselves who join pretending to be victims, usually with fake profiles. They do so for a number of reasons:
    • To get a kick out of victims’ tales of woe;
    • To target and groom potential future supplies – they know that recent victims are vulnerable, not to mention being Empaths. So just be wary of FB friends requests, direct messages etc from strangers of either sex (remember, their profiles may be fake);
    • To monitor what is being said about Narcs by the victim community, how we spot them, what tactics other narcs did to trap their targets etc.
  • There is always a danger that your own narc will slip in too with an alias. So just be careful what you discuss. You may wish to consider joining under an alias yourself, and make sure nothing you post will identify either you or your ex.
  • Many of the members of such support groups are very anti-narc – understandable. But sadly as a result, many can be very judgmental and damning. So just bear this is mind when consider some of the advice offered – it’s not always accurate, helpful or balanced.
  • Interestingly, many of the members fall very much into the stereotypes described in “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. The ladies tend to wish to offload, vent and seek validation. The guys tend to want to learn, understand and problem solve.