Managing a Narcopath

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Managing Narcissists is famously difficult to do. They think differently, and have split personality – the “false self” one moment, the “real self” the next. They have a very very different, and incomplete set of emotional regulators, and as such are wired differently. But through understanding how differently they think and operate, and my learning the telltale signs, it is indeed possible to dramatically improve your side of a working relationship with a narcissist. There is hope when it comes to coping with a narc. 


The secret to coping with a narcissistic relationship lies in understanding the two split personalities of Real vs False Self. With this knowledge and some discipline, it is possible to adapt your mindset to treat the narcissist differently that you would normal range people with what is referred to as counter-intuitive thinking. Normal interpersonal skills, and negotiation in particular, need to be changed.


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Mindset Management

Negotiating with a Narcopath

Counter-Intuitive Thinking


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