Dr Craig Childress

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Dr Childress is a leading expert on Attachment-Based Parental Alienation (AB-PA), and an awesome campaigner for parent’s rights.

Technical Briefings

These videos are of him briefing committees on the American judiciary. They are concise and comprehensive:

Understanding the Mindset and Manipulation of the Narcissistic Parent Part 3 – How the alienating parent turns a child

Three Signs that ALWAYS Indicate Child Psychological Abuse by a Narcissisitc Parent, Part 4

A very comprehensive insight into Attachment Based Parental Alienation.

1. Intro to Parental Alienation – and empowering targeted parents

2. Protecting the Alienating Children


3. The Pathogen and Mental Health

4. Full Frontal Assault

5. The Battle for the Alienated Parent – Dr Childress’ impassioned plea to get us, the victims, to achieve change in society

6. Protecting your Allies in Mental Health

Please visit Dr Childress’ website here to support him.