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As with narcissists in a romantic setting, they cannot be fixed. They have a mental disorder that cannot be remedied by drugs, therapy, incentive or coercion. Any attempt to change them is met with stiff resistance – for the simple reason that their false self is their entire sense of self-worth. Any threat to this could result in narcissistic collapse.


Out of Control

The narcissist will not be held to the law or societal norms – they believe that they are superior and deserve special treatment. Moreover, they will not count the cost of legal action – financially, loss of time or reputation – they will be out to win no matter what and get a buzz from any legal action. Litigation, conflict and debate all serve to reinforce their sense of self as being important, and they thrive on the drama.


Challenges Ahead

Do not expect any termination of contract to be met with understanding, or indeed that to be the end of the matter. Narcissists fear abandonment, which is how they will regard this, and seek retribution. To them, you must be wrong (otherwise they would have to face the fact that they were – something that would challenge their entire sense of false self). As with the case of divorce in a romantic context, they will seek to destroy their “ex”. So anticipate employment tribunals, legal writs, defamation, stealing clients and staff, and for them to hold a grudge for a long period of time.


Ways Out

If you are considering getting rid of a narcissist, I suspect that there are few options open to you. The most painless and swift will be to see the narcissist head-hunted into another company – a transition that a narcissist is happy to make as the sense of being head-hunted to a new, better position confirms their false sense of self.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, beware of what is called collapsed narcissist who, like a caged rat, has the potential to lash out and whoever and whatever surrounds them with harmful results.


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