Male Victims of NPD

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Men face particular challenges

Being an NPD victim is testing enough, but it is fair to say that men face additional challenges:

  •  In every culture worldwide, human instinct is to protect women and children, and expect the men to be warrior / aggressor.
  • Society’s default stereotype has the man as the abuser and the woman as the victim.
  • Most professional literature, as well as publicly generated memes etc, reinforce these beliefs.
  • The police and judiciary often jump to conclusions in the same way.
  • Women tend to be more cunning, manipulative and covert – male narcissists tend to be more brash and overt.
  • Women talk about their issues, including victimhood, more – and are therefore more prevalent on forums and in real-world conversations.
  • Conversely, men tend to feel that any admission to being a victim is a threat to their masculinity and are therefore reticent about coming forward – even though talking about such things proves emotional intelligence and therefore enhances their masculinity.
  • Female victims are generally treated with kindness and understanding when talking about their abuse, men can often be given a hard time and are therefore discouraged from coming forward.
  • Cognitive dissonance prevents many onlookers of female mistreatment of a male victim believing that such abuse could indeed be a reality.


It’s important that we all challenge this bias with a concerted effort for it to be overcome. Moreover, men must be given the space and encouragement to come forward to discuss the issues.

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