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I am working over the coming months to build out this section of the website, particularly with material and advice aimed at helping targeted parents steer a course through divorce and parental alienation.


Links to existing material

In the meantime, there is material to help children of narcissists and targeted parents in the Resources section here.


Richard Grannon – Spartan Life Coach

Richard is an NLP practitioner, psychologist and life coach. He has produced an outstanding series of free YouTube videos, eBooks and courses aimed at recovering from Narcissistic abuse.

Website | Bio | YouTube | Instagram | eBooks | Recovery Courses | FaceBook |


Melanie Tonia Evans

Melanie is an author lecturer, researcher and counsellor. She has en excellent course on recovery, produces some great YouTube videos and memes.

Website | Bio | FaceBook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest | Free 16 day Course |


Tina Fuller

Tina is a life coach who specialises in working with the adult children of narcissistic parents. She is also author of the book “It’s My Turn”. She has produced some excellent memes with cover recovering from having had a narcissistic parent in bite-sized chunks, listed on Pinterest.

Website |FaceBook |Amazon |Pinterest |


Peg Streep

Peg has authored or co-written twelve books, and specialises primarily in healing from having had a narcissistic mother. She is a regular contributor to, and her profile together with a full list of her books, can be found here.

BioFaceBookInstagram | Amazon


Susan Forward PhD

Author of best seller “Toxic Parents – Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life”, and “Mothers Who Can’t Love”, Therapist, Lecturer and Talk Show Host.

WebsiteFaceBook |Amazon |



I’m working on it

Please bear with me as I work to persuade leaders in their field to share with me the content required to build out this section of the website.


Calling all experts…

If you are a thought leader on the subject and would be happy for me to publish blogs and indeed publish static contect on pages in this section, please let me know. I will be delighted to list links for readers to buy your books, follow you etc.

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