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Psychological and Emotional Abuse are the next abuse scandals ready to rock the world, particularly as it stands with the abuse of children, Parental Alienation and Child Abuse. Social Campaining is now desperately required to raise awareness of this terrible and toxic disorder.



The Social Campaign to date

I think that we are at the forefront of a massive change in society, and in the three years I have been studying it I have seen some very promising developments:

  • In the UK, they brought out a law in December 2015 outlawing Coercive Control. If you look at the finer detail, there is a very close correlation between typical NPD abuse and the sort of things they are trying to clamp down on. So far police forces and the judiciary have been desperately slow to use the law for the purposes it was introduced, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Many more men are coming forward and joining the debate – I see this is an extremely promising development. Firstly, that they are beginning to have the confidence to do so (which will in turn inspire and encourage others), and secondly the change in tone that they bring to victims’ groups and forums. As a very general rule, the two sexes are dealing with their abuse along lines brilliantly illustrated in the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. The ladies, who have traditionally dominated numbers, tend to wish to offload, vent and seek validation and support. Given the uncomprehensible nature of NPD absue, I worry that to anyone outside the victim community, this might come across as bitchy and unpleasant – and turns off the masses rather than engaging them. The gents, on the other hand, tend to want to learn, understand and problem solve. It is this latter bit that is exciting – seeking better understanding of it all, making sense of it, developing further thoughts, theories and paradigms, and most importantly, to raise awareness of it. Many are now writing books etc, getting out there, educating non-victims etc. This development is rather more refreshing.
  • There is now so much more excellent material available on the internet discussing NPD – from professionals and victims alike.
  • As a result of the way world politics is going, and particularly the behaviour of some notable high-profile politicians, narcissism is a word that is becoming much more popular. Many people still misunderstand the relationship between Narcissism and NPD – but the sheer fact that it is a phrase out there, being openly discussed and debated, helps. Who knew about Gaslighting 10 years ago? Now the way a whole nation, and indeed the whole world, is being Gaslit is making mainstream news. Fake News! What is and what isn’t fake news? We’re at last having the examination of the issues.
  • The huge takeup of social media, including the likes of Quora, FaceBook, Instagram etc is allowing people at grassroots level raise awareness and debate it. My personal view is that a high proportion of the judiciary, politics and mainstream media are themselves NPD, and have quashed much of the awareness and debate about it and previous years. Raising awareness therefore needs to be bottom-up – we cannot rely on it being top-down.
  • Recent big scandals, notably Savile, Nasser and Weinstein, have brought a revulsion of covert abuse to the forefront. In the #metoo social-media led campaign, the Weinstein scandal in particular has given us model to follow and inspire.
  • Society is getting much more clued up on, and bothered about, the results of abuse – notably mental health issues, suicide, pathogenic parenting, and child abuse are becoming hot topics.


More Required – A Call to Arms

We have still got a mighty long way to go, particularly as it relates to protecting kids from NPD abuse and resolving Parental Alienation. I would encourage anyone reading this to do all they can to continue to bring the issue to the fore before any more of the world’s children grow up to continue the pathology into new generations.

Please share posts, engage in debate, raise awareness, lobby, educate – I call on everyone to do what they possibly can to solve the ongoing problem of psychological and emotional abuse.

Onwards and upwards!


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