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The material published on this website is from the perspective of a survivor of NPD abuse (my abuser being my wife and the mother of my children), as are comments, replies and additional insight. This website presents my own first-hand experiences, a summary of material I have gleaned from a wide myriad of sources that includes mental health professionals and other survivors, conclusions I have drawn, and ways of viewing narcissistic personality disorder that I have found helpful for me.


I’m not a mental health care professional

My aim has been to strip out the techno-jargon of the more academic mental health professionals, whilst pulling out salient points from accounts of NPD-abuse targets, in order to produce readable but well-researched and considered material pertinent to survivors and the general public.



The author does not accept liability for the insight and observations made, which are provided for, and used by, the readers at their own risk.



There are a number of links to external sites maintained by third parties. makes no warranty as to the accuracy or legitimacy of these sites – again, you use them at your own risk.



Due to the nature of the site, I choose to keep my identity anonymous. This disclaimer is liable to change at any time.



Usage of this site constitutes your understanding, acceptance and agreement to these terms.