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Stewart Cook NPD Life Coach

Hi – I’m Stewart Cook

Thanks for visiting this website.


A Conventional Start

I never set out in life to fill this role – I actually started by career as an Army Officer serving with The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, before returning to university to undertake and MBA and become a Management Consultant specialising in e-Enablement between London and New York.


The Narcissist at Home

Little did I know that my partner of 25 years had all the hallmarks of a high functioning covert narcissist – something that three separate psychologists failed to spot. I stumbled across Narcissistic Personality Disorder following an insane argument in which she was clearly in the wrong but would not apologise, nor would she let go of the issue until I took all the blame for it. I refused – but turned instead to Google to see if there existed “Can never be wrong syndrome”. This took me straight to NPD, and so my life took a very different turn.


Dodging the Mission to Destroy

She was a lawyer, and with me now onto her and the connection with NPD, she swung into top gear with her Mission to Destroy. I must confess the heartlessness was as brutal as it was relentless and Machiavellian, catching me by surprise and very nearly succeeding in pushing me over the edge.


Military Tactics

In my efforts to protect myself I found myself increasingly drawing on my army training for strength and direction – not least military strategy for tactics to protect myself and keep her abuse limited. Early successes inspired me further to adopt a more systematic approach to dealing with her using – frankly combining the principles of war with psychological adaptations.


Social Campaigning

As part of my own validation and efforts to make sense of it, I turned to writing about the disorder on social media – which in turn caught the attention of many other survivors in the same predicament. This is turn led to my coaching them, something I them formalised in 2019, specialising in Cluster B Personalities – Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissists. I now have over 23k followers on Quora, clocking up over 12M content views.


Helping Others

I have been coaching ever since and love the opportunity of turning my misfortune into being a force for good that helps other people recover from the experience to go on an succeed in life after abuse. The fact that I have been able to make a career out of it allows me to do it full-time, and from anywhere in the world – a thoroughly liberating experience.


Helping You

Whatever your relationship with a narcissist, I am happy to help – from partners, kids, parents, friends, work colleagues, to clients of narcissists – and, more recently, citizens of psychopathic governments.




Stewart Cook NPD Life Coach
Life Coach supporting victims of narcissistic abuse


Need to Talk?

If you need to talk, I willing give anyone 15 mins of my time free. Thereafter if you need to support navigating your recovery journey, I offer a range of solutions. More details here.