Projection and Accufessions

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Projection is one of the most frustrating forms of Narcissistic Abuse, but reading the Accufessions is a very useful tool in managing narcissists.


Black and White Thinking

Narcopaths, or pathological narcissists / people with NPD, are full of toxicity. But they also struggle with Whole Object Relations (the notion that people can be a combination of good and bad), and Object Constancy (the notion that people can alternate between good and bad from one day to the net depending on their situation). Narcs can only think in black and white – you are either all good all of the time, or you are all bad all of the time.

Avoiding Shades of Grey

They cannot accept that they are anything other than perfection (hence their inability to hold themselves account for misdemeanours and apologise accordingly) because anything short of perfect would imply that they were not the Pure Brilliant White they have spent their lives convincing themselves of being.


As a result, they need to need to “cleanse” themselves of imperfections – essentially exorcising their own ghosts and casting them on to others. It is for this reason that they “project” their faults onto others aroudn them, invariably their nearest and dearest.


Have I just invented a new word? Narcs will often signpost their own misdeeds, past or intended, by accusing someone else of exactly this. It is the ultimate confession that gives away their evil deeds and designs. Combining accusation and confession, watch these traits closely – accufessions are excellent early warnings of things to come. Do you stand accused of cheating? Go through their phones. Accused of theft? Check your bank accounts closely. Accused of telling lies? Beware – there is a smear campaign underway against you.


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